People give all kinds of excuses when it comes to reading! What got us thinking about this was the comment by a member of the audience during the book reading with Chimamanda ; I don’t read! As strange as this sounds to book lovers, the stark reality is so many Nigerians have lost the culture of reading.

Although the guy in question has been cured of his inability to read, the same cannot be said of many  Nigerians especially our young people. In this age, where social media and blackberries – some call it the disease of the hands! – have become the in thing, many can’t be bothered to read.

What is most baffling isn’t their ‘inability’ to read, rather it’s the excuses they give. The common excuse and perhaps, the most consistent is the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse. But one wonders, in this jet age, when everything is on the fast lane, is there really time for anything? What is even more surprising is that those who fall into this group, especially Lagosians, sit in traffic for a minimum of four hours daily! Imagine how much knowledge you could gain in four hours!

Some others are of the opinion that reading is boring. Well, it depends on what you are reading! No one is asking you to read history textbooks or philosophical texts. You should enjoy what you read, if you enjoy love stories, then read love stories, if you enjoy detective novels, then go right ahead! Don’t read because you are compelled to do it; that erases the beauty of it all. Read at your pace, if it takes a month to read a novel, that’s fine. Don’t let others dictate your reading pace.

And for those who complain about inadequate resources, well, you could save towards it. If you have no qualms about saving up to buy a phone, then buying a book should be no different.  Also, it depends on where you buy your book; some Farafina books are as low as N500.

Most non-readers are ignorant of the benefits of reading which is why they give excuses that don’t hold water. We understand the challenges of living in a country like ours but nonetheless, we create time for those things that matter to us. So, really reading is a choice that’s up to you to make! You can read about tips for reading here  and the benefits of reading here.

 Hope this will make you rush to a store and buy a book!


*Full list of Farafina titles

*Want to buy?  You can buy from these bookshops or a stockist nearest to you. You could also buy directly from us at 253, Herbert Macaulay Way, opposite  Stanbic IBTC bank, Alagomeji, Yaba or call the office at 017406741.  We also deliver (charges may apply)!

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