Penguin Books Calls For Book Proposals

Penguin Books Calls For Book Proposals

Here is an opportunity to get published! From now till the end of October, Penguin Books will be receiving book proposals directly from writers. Please read the excerpt below for more.

People frequently ask us how to go about getting published. Our company policy is to not accept unsolicited manuscripts or synopses and we cannot enter into correspondence about unpublished work. However, for a limited three-month period from the beginning of August until the end of October 2010, we will be inviting submissions to be sent in electronically to the following address:

We ask that email submissions comprise a brief covering note and synopsis and not a full manuscripts. Please do not send attachments, please write out your cover note and synopsis in the body of the email. We remain unable to accept hard copy submissions and will not return or be responsible for the safety of any that we do receive, so please do not send any original or hard copy manuscripts to us. We will not contact you with feedback on your submission and will only enter into email correspondence with you if an editor within Penguin is keen to progress your idea.

More here.

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  1. Hello, l’ve sent a submission but reading your post here made me want to ask.

    1. If my book was not accepted I’ll get no response, right?
    2. If my book was accepted how would the process of submiting the manuscript going to be? Is it through email or I shall bring the hardcopy myself?


  2. I am a Nigerian writer. I have manuscripts in the genres of fictional prose, poetry & motivational. I will like to work with your company to bring my scripts to print. please send d me the price list of your different publishing packages

  3. Hi,am carlos okelo from Kenya and i would like to work with you in my just finished historical fiction novel manuscript,please tell me how?

  4. I live in Lagos Nigeria.
    I am writing stories for children for the first time.
    How and where can my first work be published?

  5. Hello, I’m a writer from Lagos, and I’ve just finished a thriller manuscript. I have two questions. First, I read on your site that when submitting, we should send the first three chapters of the manuscript. What if I have prologue? should I send it along with the three chapters, or the prologue counts as a chapter on its own? Second, do you accept New Times Roman or it’s strictly Courier New?

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