First look: ‘Where is Your Wrapper?’ cover reveal

Described by reviewers as “highly readable and imaginative”, “a book to be owned and gifted”, and “written by a powerful mind and talented writer”, Where is Your Wrapper? by Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, which will be in bookstores this November, is a riveting collection of essays, short stories and poetry. On why she chose the title, Bisi […]


Just before daybreak, a hooded man climbed the stairs to the topmost floor of a building in Sunshine Lodge, a private block of rooms for students, ten minutes away from the university. The hooded man stopped at the first door after the stairs, dropped a tree branch in front of it and knocked loudly on […]

Jowhor Ile, author of And After Many Days, Makes the 2020 Caine Prize Shortlist

We are excited to announce that “Fisherman Stew” by Jowhor Ile, published in The Sewanee Review (2019) has been shortlisted for the 2020 Caine Prize. He is one of the three Nigerians amongst the five writers shortlisted. The Caine Prize is a £10,000 prize awarded annually for a short story by an African writer published […]

Dear Writer, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  

The tweet below recently found its way to the small corner of Naija Twitter that is “Literary Twitter”.  Don't 👏argue 👏 with 👏 your 👏 editor 👏 over 👏 minor 👏 details they are better than you at writing, it's their job to be, that's why they're an editor — Ben Trautman (@CaptainPlanetOW) February 6, […]

The Orchid Protocol – exclusive excerpt

DCT agent Patrick Emenalo returns to work on the same day there is a bombing at a popular fast food joint in Lagos. Dark Cell, a terrorist group, claims responsibility and demands the release of Red Baron, arms smuggler and crime boss.  Patrick, caught in a game whose rules are set by shadowy crime syndicate, […]

Before the war ended

An excerpt from Allison Chimaeze Eñeogwe’s autobiography, Perseverance: Arise and Shine From my radio, I knew by late 1969 that Nigerian troops began an unprecedented move towards the Aba axis. Aba-Ngwa people are as farmers and producing the best garri throughout Nigeria. This movement of the federal troops seemed to be total as they were […]

Our Farafina E-book Store is Live!

On the 20th of October 2018, Kachifo Limited launched its new e-bookstore, Now, you can buy and read, on your devices, your best-loved titles from any of our imprints: Farafina, Tuuti, Breeze and Kamsi. To Start Reading on Farafinabooks

COVER REVEAL: ‘There’s an Elephant in My Wardrobe’ by Yejide Kilanko

  Finally! The breathtaking cover of Yejide Kilanko’s new children’s book, There’s an Elephant in My Wardrobe. The colourful book tells the story of young Adun who is bullied by an elephant claiming to be her friend. Yejide Kilanko is the author of the novel, Daughters Who Walk This Path, which we published in 2014.  There’s an Elephant […]

Read ‘And After Many Days’ and Win a Trip to Sharjah

In November 2018, Channels Book Club  will be taking the three best participants of its book review essay competition on an exciting sponsored trip to the world’s third biggest book fair, the Sharjah International Book Fair in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The competition is open to secondary school students all over Nigeria. Sharjah International Book Fair […]